Calming Green Tea Oat Face Mask 

Hello folks! Welcome to my very first blog post. Like ever.

Last night I was super board. So I thought “why not make a face mask!?”. I set out my record player, put on some Frank Sinatra, and set out to create my very own oat mask.

Green tea is used a lot in skin products to soothe the skin and remove those under eye bags (no one likes those). So I started out my concoction by steeping one of my fav loose leaf green teas.


For this recipe I used Trader Joe’s Coconut Green Tea. It has lemongrass and ginger which I love a lot.

Then I added the tea (make sure your save the leaves;) to some Old-Fashioned oats, mixed it, and let the combo sit for a few minutes. After the oats were soft I mashed them to make more of a paste.

To my oat/tea mix, I added honey, my tea leaves from earlier, lavender oil, and coconut oil and mixed it all up.

I know It’s gross looking but trust me lol.

Take your amazing gunk and transfer it into a food processor and blend until it’s a pasty, creamish, gunk type texture (sorry for the gross description).

After that I put mine in a mason jar with a lid and let it sit overnight. When it’s all done, the texture should be very similar to mashed up, cold oatmeal. Delicious am I right!?










After it has been in the fridge for a few hours, it should be ready to apply! Because of the texture, you won’t be able to spread it like a typical mask. Just take a large amount and message it into your face in a circular motion. I let mine sit for about 15 minutes and then removed it will a damp wash rag.

Afterwards my face felt and still feels FANTASTIC! I feel like the mask really exfoliated, tightened, smoothed, and softened my skin all at once. It was also really soothing and just a great everyday type of mask. It also made my face smell like a field of lavender which is always great;)

So thank you so much for taking the time to read my post (horrendous pictures and all)! You can let me know what you think and/or any improvements you made to the mask in the comments:)

P.S. Here is the pdf of the exact recipe:)     green-tea-oat-mask


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