Soothing and Toning Lavender Yogurt Mask

It was 10:40. I was sitting around, scrolling through  Pinterest when it hit me that I hadn’t posted a blog all week! oops. Well then I thought “What can I share that will help these folks through these face drying winter months?”. The answer was of course one of my fav face masks.

Yogurt masks are some of my absolute favorites. They’re sooooooo easy to make too. The one I’m going to show you takes three ingredients, measuring thingys (I can’t remember the name of them at the moment), a bowl, and a fork. It’s basically just a matter of stirring the mix and smearing it all over your face. So let’s get started!

I used three ingredients: greek yogurt, dried lavender, and honey.


Simply take 1 tablespoon on greek yogurt, img_0014

1/2 teaspoon of honey, and 1/4 a teaspoon of lavender and mix together with a fork, lightly smashing the lavender to infuse the yogurt. Then just apply it all over your face and let sit until the yogurt is tacky (I kept mine on for about 30 minutes).



After I removed mine with a damp wash rag, I could really tell how much it evened out my skin tone, toned my face, and lightened my breakouts.

I hope you enjoy this mask! Have a great day;)


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