10 Favorite Worship Songs of 2016

Hey hey! I’m so glad you could stop by and join me for a while:)

 I absolutely love music. Whenever I need to change my mood to feel confident, brave, peaceful, focused, or just to have fun, I know that music will do the trick. There is just something about plugging in those headphones or putting on a favorite record that makes me so happy inside. Today I thought that I would combine my love for rocking out with my love for lists (I love lists. like a bunch. I may have a slight obsession.)

So without further or do, here is my *game show announcer voice* 10 Favorite Worship Songs of 2016!

P.S. These did not necessarily release in 2016. They were just my favorites from this past year.

  1. Good Good Father – Chris Tomlin
  2. Because He Lives – Matt Maher
  3. Alone (Feat. TRU) – Hollyn
  4. Every Giant Will Fall – Rend Collective
  5. How Great Thou Art – Carrie Underwood
  6. In the Light (Acoustic Version) [feat. Jamie Grace] – Anthem Lights
  7. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing / If You Could Hie to Kolob – Elenyi
  8. King of Love – I Am They
  9. Salt & Light – Lauren Daigle
  10. It Is Well With My Soul – Audrey Assad

Well there you have it! There’s really a good mix of music here. Some are fast and upbeat and some are really melodic, but all of them fill my heart with worship (sometimes that worship is a dance party and that’s perfectly ok;)  I hope you enjoy this playlist and I hope they make your 2017 as awesome as they made my 2016!



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