6 Ways to Unwind

The weekend is almost here! I know you’ve probably been running around like a crazy person, trying to get things done all week. Life can be a bit stressful sometimes. It’s soooo easy to work, work, work…. and work some more without taking some time to unwind. Being constantly busy can bring a lot of stress to your mind and body, so I thought I’d share a few ways that I like to unwind.

1. Pamper my face.

When I’m stressed and tired, my skin really feels it. I really enjoy giving myself a mini facial with a face mask such as this Calming Green Tea Oat mask or taking a few extra minutes to wash my face really well.

2.Scroll Through Pinterest.

Ahhhh Pinterest. I must say it can become a bit of an obsession, but I like to just surf through my feed sometimes or look at words of wisdom, clothes, and of course food;) Looking at funny stuff or home decor always lifts my mood and inspires me.

3. Workout.

I know you’re probably trying to figure out why this is on an unwinding tips post, but just trust me. Working out means something different for everyone. I’m a dancer so I love to do an at home dance workout or stretch session. Yoga is also a favorite of mine. Just getting your body moving and maybe a little sweaty is a great way to release some stress and get in shape while doing so.

4. Tea And A Book.

Let’s face it. We don’t read books enough anymore and it’s such a shame. Books are a great way to relax and calm your mind. Next time you come home stressed and tired, reach over to that dusty book shelf, make a simple chai tea latte, and dive into the world of literature.

5. Read A Devotion.

This is defiantly a must at all times whether you’re stressed or not. Resting in God’s presence is just the most amazing thing ever.  There’s a great website and app called She Reads Truth that I have been absolutely loving. They have tons devotion series that are all fantastic. Having an organized plan makes it so easy to just grab your phone, read a devotion, and unwind.

6. Have A Chill Playlist.

Music defiantly has the ability to control your mood. I like to have a playlist with my favorite chill music for when I need to unwind or sleep. This reallyyyyyyy helps me and its something you can do while in the car on a long trip or simply coming home.

I hope these help you to relax!

Have a great weekend:)



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