Spring 2017 Bedroom Redo Ideas.

Hello there! Before I start this post, I need to give you some important information… I live in a camper. Currently my family is on week 11 of our complete home renovation, but we’re also on week 11 of living in the RV that sits in our front yard. With about 9 more weeks to go until our 1940s home is completely redone, I’m starting to dream about the all of the cookies that I’m going to bake, the long periods of privacy, and of course my new bedroom.

Here’s a few ideas that I have…

Record Table


Ever since my grandparents gave me a record player for Christmas, I have become obsessed with the whole vinyl hype. I’m hoping to have either a retro table like this one or a record rack with a shelf on top for the player.

White Bedding


There is just something about clean, white duvet covers  that make me feel content. I’m opting for the white base color so that I can mix and match pillows without having to worry about color schemes or patterns.

Picture/Quote Collage 

travel-packages-mailed-to-remove-wall-stickers-photo-photo-collage-wallpaper-background-of-the-sitting-room the-everygirl-alaina-danielle-home-tour-alaina-bedroom-gallery-wall

I really want to fill my space with little things that mean a lot to me, such as favorite pictures and quotes. Having a collage is a great way to fill up wall space in a bedroom and add a smidgen of personality to the room.

Statement Chair jarl20fabric20arm_edit

Oh how I LOVE statement chairs! They add so much character and personality to a room+ they provide a cosy book nook.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m really looking forward to decorating. Let me know in the comments if you have any helpful tips on decorating on a budget.



Disclaimer: None of the pictures above are my own. They were taken from the internet for inspiration use only. Thank you to all of the hardworking photographers!



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