I Live in a Camper.

Hey there! It’s Emerald with Little Things and Sunshine:)

I must say, life has been a bit crazy these past few weeks. With school finals, recitals, trying to keep up with blog posts, and being on week 18 of living in a camper, I feel unorganized and chaotic. I am one of three daughters and my family of five has been on the crazy journey of remodeling our 1940’s home. We first moved into our fixer-upper 10 years ago when it was just me, my mom, and my dad. Since then, our family has grown with the addition of my little sisters and, needless to say, our two bedroom, one bath home was becoming a bit tight. So this past winter we started down the road of completely ripping our house apart and starting over. Has it been crazy? Yes. Is living in a camper with 4 other people for nearly 5 months always fun? No. But through all of the insanity, I have been reminded over and over again of how great God is. My family has grown closer to many friends. We’ve had people open up their homes as places to wash clothes, get out of bad weather, and to simply fellowship. God has used our situation to bring us closer to people in so many ways. I’ve also seen humility and patience become a growing theme in our house hold. Needless to say we’ll definitely appreciate our new house so much more after living in tight quarters.

Though it’s not over yet, I’ve already learned a great deal about myself and my family. Some of these include patience, humility, thankfulness, and the ability to just go with the flow. I’ve also learned how to turn the other cheek (I have a hard time with this). Because I’m a fairly headstrong person, it’s very hard to just bite my tong and let someone else have their way. When someone’s frustrated and giving everyone else heck, I’ve had to learn to just back down and let them cool off. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back before addressing an issue. After all, a heated argument between five people in a camper is basically a recipe for disaster.

Living in a camper has definitely made me appreciate the things that we take for granted in America. Hot showers, easy access to pots and pans, an organized wardrobe? Those don’t really exist at the moment. But can I tell you how truly blessed we are! There are people all over the world and just a few streets away, who live in terrible living conditions. Sometimes I’ll catch myself complaining and have to remind myself, “Hey you. There are people living in huts, with no food or water, and you’re sitting in a nicely air-conditioned camper, watching your brand new house being built.” When I put it that way, it makes all of my “trials” a lot less dramatic.

So today I challenge you to be forgiving, be humble, and be patient. Always remember to thank God for His abundance AND for what he doesn’t give immediately. Let’s dwell on the One who came to die for impatient sinners. Let Him change you and incorporate His blessings into your life, in the time that agrees with His Will.

I hope you have a blessed day!


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