five things i want teen girls to know (Guest Post)


helloooo sweet friends!! i am emma grace carter from and i am SO overjoyed to be doing this guest blog post for my friend Emerald!!! when Emerald asked me to write this I seriously struggled and stuggled to find a topic to write about. my. mind. was. everywhere. but God laid a topic on my heart today that I wanted to share with you, and that is five things I want teen girls to know. sooo here we go:

O N E – you don’t need a boy to define you – girls, you seriously don’t need your main focus right now in middle school or high school to be “the cool girl in the cool relationship” trust. me. your relationship with Jesus should be your main focus at this time in your life. He defines, sustains, and cares for you. He loves you more than any boy or human ever could or will. rest in Him and that. focus on growing closer to HIM instead of finding the cool, cute guy in school to be your boyfriend for a month or so.

T W O – it IS okay to be broken but don’t live there; God has overcome – this is hard. I know because I am going through a season of brokenness currently and it IS so tough when people tell you to not live in your brokenness because while it is so true, it is NOT okay to live in brokenness, it can also make you feel like the person telling you that is rushing you through your broken season of life and does not even care, but I promise, while I am talking about this I do care and I need you to know that it is 100% okay to be broken, it’s life. there are times of heartache and loss and sadness, but God has overcome. we don’t have to live in our brokenness anymore because of THAT. we don’t have to live in sorrow or fear or pain because HE has overcome and we have the choice to say “hey am I going to live in brokenness or am I going to live in the ultimate love and joy and freedom that God has for me KNOWING that it is OKAY to be broken but that I don’t have to stay there because I am loved and the One who loves me has overcome fear and anxiety and pain and brokenness.” that’s where freedom is. that is where the ultimate joy is found. our joy can so be found when we surrender to Jesus.

T H R E E – be yourself – being yourself is one of the greatest things you can do for you. when you embrace you and be who God has called you to be, the right crowd of friends will be around you, and i can promise your life will be so much happier. when I started to be who I was meant to be and who God needed me to be, everything changed, I realized that God does not need two of the same person, He needed Emma, and only I could fulfill that. He created us each unique and marvelously loved. be YOU because God loves you, and the right people and friends will also love that too.

F O U R – HIS timing not ours – His timing is always SO much better than our own. trust Him and that. He will take care of you and it’s okay if you may be a little frustrated when things are not working out in your timing, His timing is always best. and continues to be. and will always be. we just have to know and believe that. He knows what He is doing, I promise.

F I V E – step out of your comfort zone – be brave, step out and do something you don’t wanna do, and I don’t mean “go get in the car with someone who doesn’t have a drivers license and step out of your comfort zone.” i mean, get plugged into your church and if you do not have a church google one close by, find a youth group, find a girls bible study or small group. raise money to go to christian camps and stay connected with the people you meet at those places. be involved, be 100% there. invite someone out to lunch, start a bible study with someone at your local coffee shop, just. do. it.

we are so loved by Love, rest in Him knowing life won’t always be easy but HE will take care of you.

these were just five things that I wanted girls to know, you might already know them, you might not, but I pray that you embrace them and realize that we are all so imperfect but absolutely loved by a perfect God. and I hope you have THE best day, sweet friend!! if you wanna follow me on social media you can find me on instagram @emmaagcarter and on twitter @emmagcarter, and on my blog.

YOU are priceless and amazing. let’s love well and know we are so well loved, yes?!?


P.S. Hi it’s Emerald! To see my guest post on Emma’s blog click here!


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