Hey there! I’m so glad you found your way to my corner of the World Wide Web! You may be wondering what it is that Little Things and Sunshine is all about and what on earth a teenage girl is doing starting a blog. Well I’m here to answer both of those questions.

My name is Emerald. As a typical Georgia girl, y’all, sweet tea, and mountains are all embedded in my vocabulary. Some say I’m a bit of an old soul. I’ve always had a love for old things like old music, old shows and movies, and antiques. If you can tolerate my obsession with Elvis, Frank Sinatra, and Carol King we can totally be best friends! God has blessed me with amazing parents who have encouraged me to chase my dreams and be the best that I can be. When I was little, Jesus Christ brought me to Him and showed me how abundant His grace is. I really enjoy learning from reformed theologians and finding different Christian artists who play traditional hymns. Along with all of that, my hobbies include singing, acting, dancing, playing guitar, reading, and of course writing for my blog! (I’m also an unashamed tea lover.)

I started Little Things and Sunshine just for the fun of it. Writing has always been something I’ve enjoyed and blogging was a way that I could share my thoughts and ideas. There’s really no set theme. I write about food, Christianity, and other lifestyle related things. My goal is to encourage others in their everyday life and help you to find the sunshine in life’s little things.

Thanks for stopping by!

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