I Have an Etsy Store!

Hey y'all! For today's one-word prompt, I thought that I would share something that makes me very jolly. As you can see by the title, I have opened my own Etsy store! Earlier this month I decided to take a risk and order several hundred dollars worth of vintage clothing off of an online bulk … Continue reading I Have an Etsy Store!


Basic Everyday Drugstore Makeup Products

Hey there! This is Emerald from Little Things and SunshineĀ Ā and I'm here to talk about makeup. I loveeee to experiment with different makeup products, but sometimes you just need a few dependable items that you can count on every day. The list of products I'm going to share with you are some of the favorites … Continue reading Basic Everyday Drugstore Makeup Products

Soothing and Toning Lavender Yogurt Mask

It was 10:40. I was sitting around, scrolling through Ā Pinterest when it hit me that I hadn't posted a blog all week! oops.Ā Well then I thought "What can I share that will help these folks through these face drying winter months?". The answer was of course one of my fav face masks. Yogurt masks are … Continue reading Soothing and Toning Lavender Yogurt Mask